From now until the end of the year, the Customs sector will focus resources to facilitate trade, support businesses in import and export, strictly control tax collection and prevent loss of state budget, ... to complete target of state budget of the Customs sector in 2023 through the following specific methods:

1. Focus on promoting administrative procedure reform; focus on resolving difficulties for businesses promptly; create favorable conditions for businesses to develop stably and firmly, attract investment and promote economic growth in order to create a premise for increasing state budget.

2. Along with creating favorable conditions for businesses, customs continues to increase information collection, identify signs of risk to take measures to inspect, monitor and control; post clearance audit, specialized inspection, anti-trade fraud; focus on checking the quantity, value, HS Code, origin of imported and exported goods,...

3. Regarding of tax debt management, tax refund, handling of overpaid tax and preferential tariff tax:

  • The Import-Export Tax Department focuses on closely reviewing and firmly grasping the tax debt situation; Review, classify, recover and handle tax debts arising before 1st January 2023.
  • Strictly control tax refund work, handle overpaid tax and implement anti-fraud solutions in tax refund work. At the same time, prevent value-added tax refund fraud, ensuring tax refunds to the right subjects and according to prescribed policies. Especially in cases of tax refund when supplementing C/O, overpayment of tax,...
  • Strictly check and control C/O for shipments imported into Vietnam that want to apply C/O to get import preferential tariff tax.

4. In addition, regarding applying of HS Code, the Import-Export Tax Department will conduct inspections and reviews on professional systems to promptly detect violations in classification and applying of HS Code. Especially closely controlling items that are easy to confuse, difficult to classify and items with high code risks, preventing fraud when applying the tariff tax. At the same time, strengthen the organization of inspection and examination teams to monitor the implementation of classification HS Code.

Therefore, what do businesses need to pay more attention when conducting import-export activities at the end of the year?

1. Be more careful when applying HS Code to ensure that it is correct and accurate to avoid violations that can be inspected or post clearance audit.

2. Carefully check C/O for shipments imported into Vietnam to avoid errors that can be rejected C/O and cannot receive preferential tariff tax.

3. Comply with strict import and export regulations issued by the General Department of Customs for each type of product. At the same time, prepare correct and complete import and export documents as required by Customs so that the import and export process can go smoothly.


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