Xuan Cau Industrial Park and Non-Tariff Zone is being built at Lach Huyen international port area, Cat Hai district, Hai Phong.     


Tan Cang - Hai Phong International Container Terminal (TC- HICT) is the first terminal built and put into operation at Lach Huyen international port.

The project has a total investment of 11,100 billion VND, located on an area of ​​752 hectares, located in the area of ​​Lach Huyen international gateway port, Dinh Vu - Cat Hai economic zone. attracting about 40,000 - 50,000 workers.

Non-tariff zone - Logistics and Lach Huyen Industry located in Dinh Vu - Cat Hai economic zone is a general economic zone - a center of marine economy, multi-sector, multi-field serving the needs of socio-economic development association of the port city of Hai Phong, the northern coastal region and the whole country. The project is oriented to develop a free trade area, tax free, affirming outstanding competitive advantages.

The project has a convenient location for industrial and logistics development when it is only 28 km from Hai Phong city center, 128 km from Hanoi, 25 km from Cat Bi International Airport. At the same time, connecting seamlessly with the national transport network and close to important arterial traffic routes: located next to Lach Huyen international deep-water port, adjacent to Hanoi - Hai Phong highway, motorway across the sea from Tan Vu - Lach Huyen.

With nearly 6 km in length contiguous to Lach Huyen port system, it is also a favorable condition to help Lach Huyen Non-Tariff Area - Logistics and Industry develop maximum advantages from the application of the non-tariff zone regulation in order to collect revenue. attract investment.

Source: Customs News


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