These days, Vietnam's customs conducts strict inspection of imported shipments (especially from Korea, China, ...) on the matter of labeling of goods. The improper labeling of goods has caused delays in the import clearance procedures. In that case, the business will also be subject to some form of administrative sanction.

We are pleased to provide one sample of the correct original label of goods as below:                                                                          

Below are helpful law documents related to how to correctly label the imported goods:

1. Clauses 1, 2, 3, Article 3, Decree 43/2017/-ND-CP

1. Label means any manuscript, printed copy, drawing, photocopy of words, pictures, images that is stuck,  printed, attached to, casted, or carved, a container of good or on other kinds of materials to be attached to the good or commercial container.

2. Presentation of good labels means presenting essential information on a label about its contents so as to enable consumers to identify the good, give suitable selection, consume and use; to enable manufacturers and traders to advertise and the good; and to enable regulatory agencies to carry out the inspection and supervision.

3. The original label means the initial label that is attached to a good or the goods commercial package by the manufacture

2. Clause 2, Article 10, Decree 111/2021/ND-CP

2. The following information on the original label of goods imported into Vietnam must be written in Vietnamese or foreign language while following customs clearance procedures:

a) Name of the goods;

b) Origin of the goods; In case of unknown origin of goods, the country from which the last stage of finishing the goods is performed;

c) The name or abbreviated name of the manufacturer or the entity responsible for the goods in the foreign country;


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