As Tet is approaching, import and export are also bustling through Vietnam - China border gates especially Lang Son and Lao Cai border gates.

The number of vehicles clearing import and export have been increasing sharply these day because at this time domestic businesses promote export activities of Tet goods. At the same time, domestic manufacturing businesses also increase the import of consumer goods, products, machinery components,... to serve production at the end of the year and near Tet.

In Lang Son, the number of vehicles clearing import and export through 6 road border gates: Huu Nghi, Chi Ma, Tan Thanh, Coc Nam, Na Hinh, Na Nua have been increasing sharply. In particular, the total number of imported and exported vehicles per day is up to more than 1,000 vehicles.

Similar to Lang Son, in Lao Cai, the number of vehicles cleared customs each day is about 800 – 900 vehicles. In the coming days, the number of goods arriving at border gates will continue to increase. Although the number of vehicles clearing customs increased sharply, customs clearance activities took place very quickly and didn’t cause any congestion like previous years.

To ensure customs clearance of goods takes place smoothly during these days, border gate customs arrange officers on duty to take turns 24/7 to receive and process customs clearance procedures. Using the digital border gate platform into operation has contributed to improving customs clearance capacity. Therefore, you can be completely assured when importing and exporting from/to China through the border gate without any delay or affecting your company's business and production plans. Please kindly note that your company should comply with the customs regulations strictly to ensure smooth import – export activities and avoid fines.


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