At the end of the year, the number of import and export goods passing through the Vietnam - China border gate is increasing sharply. Along with facilitating the most favorable conditions for import-export businesses, the customs has implemented many measures to strictly control, monitor and prevent trade fraud, strictly handle violations, strengthen inspection, supervision of import and export goods and prevent loss of taxes.

Grasping the sharp increase in import and export at the end of the year, customs has implemented many measures to achieve the highest efficiency of clearing customs situation as follows:

  • Prioritizing the customs clearance of agricultural products. Shipments that comply with import and export regulations and have enough documents will be given the most favorable conditions to clear customs through the border gate as quickly as possible, avoiding congestion at the border gate area.
  • Executing professional measures to regulate vehicles entering and leaving the border gate so that vehicles go in the right lane and at the right turn.
  • Strictly implement plans to collect information about businesses, goods, analyze and assess risks to strengthen inspection, supervision, and control before, during and after customs clearance; preventing violations of tax and customs laws. Focus on checking the quantity, value, HS Code so as to implement collection of taxes and state budget well.
  • Increase working hours, assign staffs to guide and clear customs and promptly handle arising problems. The customs at border gate will work one hour earlier than before (starting to open border gates to work at 7:00 a.m), and depending on the time of day, the working hours will be extended to 9:00 p.m.

At the end of the year, although the number of import and export goods increased sharply, customs clearance activities still took place quickly and conveniently. Because the customs warmly supported businesses in carrying out customs clearance procedures, handling problems quickly hence the customs clearance time can be shortened. Therefore, in order that import and export of goods through the Vietnam - China border gate can go smoothly and quickly at the end of the year, businesses need to strictly comply with customs regulations, import-export and tax laws, appling HS Code correctly and prepare enough documents.


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