Greetings, we would like to show our deep appreciation for everyone who visits Ken Logistics’s recruiting notice.

In the global competition of the distribution industry where efficiency is more and more emphasized for national competitiveness.
Aiming to enhance the quality of transport in line with the expansion of trade between Korea, China and Vietnam to improve mutual benefits by saving transport costs, Ken Logistics has been opened to seek the Korea-Vietnam and China-Vietnam route.

We provides not only complex distribution but also all types of distribution services such as domestic transport, warehouse (UMI, HUB), and so forth. Under the slogan of service creation for customer satisfaction, KEN is doing its utmost to train the employees for quality customer experience.

In addition to that, as talent training and communication are essential for the best service to customers, theoretical and practical education for every employee as well as mental education for humility, the very core of dedication to customers, have been conducted. Based on this, we continue to provide swift, and accurate service.

Ken Logistics will never stop playing the important role and fulfilling the mission as a leading distribution company in Korea by realizing the new values of distribution services in such ways as strengthening the price competitiveness, expansion of the global distribution network, training distribution experts, and so forth.

Once again, we deeply appreciate your interest and affection.


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