Ken Logistics can provide you great management service of liquidation with a group of staff who is qualified and professional at customs procedure and imported raw material management for produce of processed commodity.

Self-developed Software Program

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Our Mission

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Collecting basic information regarding to import and export process and management; Date of warehouse, accounting, import and export and norm etc

Checking problems based on the data 

  • Wrong type of customs manifest, wrong code, export cargo with no customs declaration, canceled customs declaration without any update, lack of data, hand-carry shipments which weren’t declared etc.
  • Imbalance between accounting and warehouse data caused by lack of accounting data

Document check requirement

Import-Export Department:

  • List of customs declaration of import and export
  • Norm
  • Pending import-export case
  • Report of liquidation/balance
  • Processed contracts
  • Minute of waste treatment


  • Account Ledger
  • Detail 152, 155/154
  • Waste Material: 632
  • Norm
  • Monthly and yearly inventory stocktaking

Based on those above information, we can make a report to customers, find out disparity (if any), give solutions and save the accurate document for customers.


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